About Sunsational Fruits


Real Fruit Now In A Convenient Everyday Form

Sunsational Fruits® are grown in rich fertile sun-drenched soil and fed with ample moisture to create these lush and succulent fruits.
We pick them at the peak of ripeness and dry them naturally in the sun to bring them to perfect sweetness without adding sugar.
Then we pack them at the source to retain their softness and fresh taste using the highest quality materials and most modern standards.

When you open a pack of Sunsational Fruits® you can see and taste the real fruit.

Sunsational Fruits® In Your Kitchen

Our fruits are a great addition to your pantry and kitchen table. Use them:

with cereal    in main meal recipes    with yogurt    in desserts

Sunsational Fruits® To Go

Sunsational Fruits® are packed for 'on the go' convenience. Take a pouch with you:

  •  for a quick breakfast
  •  for school lunch bags
  •  for a healthy snack
  •  for the car
  •  for the "hungries'
  •  for the bus or train